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Flood Relief Work: Houses Constructed in Jacobabad, Sindh

Charity Support Trust has started and with great success built homes for the Flood Affectees in Jacobabad, Sindh. However, in colossal disasters such as this one, continuous support is required on greater magnitudes than one can imagine.

Please click on the link below.

Houses constructed by Charity Support Trust in Jacobabad, Sindh

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Flood Relief Work:Houses Constructed in D.G. Khan (Sheroo Basti)

Charity Support next project targeted Sheru Basti , a small village in district DG khan . This village was badly hit and the most neglected as none of the foreign NGO’s
were allowed to work in this area .

Charity Support started working on the project of making houses as winter had approached and it was getting difficult for people to keep living in the tents . Our major concern were widows with small children and couples with daughters .

CST plans to continue in this settlement and then move to surrounding areas.

In the photos, owners of the houses are standing in front of them

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Fatima Khokar Appointed Honorary Advisor to Multan College of Arts

Khokar, head of Charity Support Trust in Multan has been appointed honorary advisor to the Multan College of Arts (BZU) as of March 18, 2011. For the past 3 years Charity Support has been associated with M.C.A. Since then, Fatima Khokar has been a source of strength to the students and liaison to the administration.

In the past 3 years, she has organised exhibitions for the M.C.A. students not only in Pakistan but also in Europe, thus contributing in the promotion of crafts and arts of Multan. Led a tree plantation campaign and brought renowned teachers and scholars from outside Multan to lecture and improve the curriculum at M.C.A.

Charity Support Trust is determined to continue its work with Multan College of Arts in promoting the students, the level of education and preservation of traditional crafts.

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Charity Support Flood Relief Camp Update

Charity Support held it 4th fourth camp, since the start of floods, on August 28, 2010 at Thatha, place close to Kot Addu. We were requested by the notables of the area, as the place was almost inaccessible due to bad roads and five to six feet of water flowing on to the road and thus was being ignored. At places it had to be crossed by using planks of wood and none of the heavy traffic was allowed to pass through. The only dry land in area was either the road side of the canal or the Dera where we set-up camp.

Charity Support decided to set up a tent city with 40 tents plus food items that included wheat, rice, lentils, sugar, oil, salt, red chilies, and tea. The food packets would cater for upto 500 people and would be sufficient for a whole month.

We also set up a medical camp there and provided the affectees with necessary medication. A lot of malaria and skin diseases were diagnosed in the area. According to estimates the number of epidemic fatalities could go up to 5 million in the coming months.

About 250 clothes items and over 500 pairs of shoes were also distributed among the affectees.


* our 1st camp was held on the August 11, 2010 at Balail, Multan where
200 food packets were distributed among the needy.
* our 2nd camp was organized at Muslim School on August 16, 2010 , Multan, where 550 flood affected
people were given shelter, we provided them basic necessities like clothes, shoes, soaps, shampoos, rooh afzah sharbat, dates,
dried milk, feeders, pampers and women accessories.
* our 3rd camp set up at Daulat Gate on August 22, 2010( Aam Khas Bagh School). Their basic needs were being catered but the
only issue we found was hygiene which was creating a lot of medical problems like gastro, scabies and general
infections amongst the residents. Charity Support provided them 300 bathing soaps and 6 large bottles of phenyl.

Immediate requirement for our next camp are clothes, shoes, medicines (malaria, gastro) and utensils.

Fatima Khokar
Multan Chapter
August 28, 2010
Thatta – Kot Addu

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Craft Galleria

In March, Craft galleria (keeping the tradition alive) had their first exhibition in Lahore at Hauze Khas.

The team was headed by Fatima Khokar, also Director Multan College of Arts and the students were Sundus Aziz, Amama Farooq and Samia Awan, all graduates of BZU.

Craft Galleria has been initiated to save the dying crafts of Multan and to spread awareness of recycling paper to save trees, water and energy. Our other objective is to give a platform to the fresh graduates so that they would have an opportunity to project their own ideas and come into business and export. Focus being on the girl students.

Craft Galleria has revived the craft of camel skin lamps with organic colors, Okair Sazi (cut work art that was done on khusas ) Gift boxes were developed out of recycled paper with Okair Sazi on them.

Also, new products in ceramic with our tradional colors and geometrical patterns so that we could create souvenirs from Multan. Projection of camel bone carving, dyed with tea and potassium permanganate and many other crafts … this platform gives the artisans the opportunity to work with professional designers so as to create new products that can be marketed abroad.

The exhibition was a huge success and well-covered by the media, was also attended by very senior professionals from Lahore, who were a source of encouragement for the students.

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10 Years: Centre for Physical Rehabilitation, Lahore


Started in May 2000 the centre for physical rehabilitation has successfully achieved the ten year benchmark. With a decade to its name and thousands of treated patients, CPR is the only fully equipped physiotherapy clinic in the Baghbanpura area, as opposed to the physiotherapy clinic in a private hospital which is not affordable to the masses.

  • Total number of patients treated – 2,378
  • OPD sessions – 12,943

CPR has treated patients free of charge and others at extremely nominal rates of Rs. 5/- plus, enough to cover the running costs.

The centre is fully equipped with state of the art machinery, uses modern and effective medical practices and techniques to help people with their respective illness.

The full range covers ultrasound therapy, nerve stimulator, s.w. diathemy , infrared therapy, wax therapy, shoulder wheel, massager, neck traction, lumber traction, exercise cycle, jogging machine, stepping device, hot packs and parallel bar, Separate facilities are also provided for ladies to increase comfort and to encourage females to seek treatment. All these tools and facilities combined help our qualified therapists to treat and rehabilitate patients.

A concise overview of some of the injuries and ailments treated here would consist of; sports injuries, arthritis, spinal injuries, chest complications, muscle spasms, paralysis, soft tissue injuries, ligament damage and others. Additionally, the centre also diversifies its expertise towards treating general physical diseases where patients are diagnosed then treated accordingly.

As promising as they were a decade ago our efforts are still directed towards helping people who are financially challenged, giving them specialized care and apex services.

We would also thank all those who have been a part of this endeavour along the way and look forward to the next ten years.

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